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Past Exhibitions

Special Exhibition “100 Selected Bonbori Lanterns”
The special exhibition “100 Selected Bonbori Lanterns” is held at the occasion of Bonbori Lantern Festival, which is widely known as one of Kamakura’s fantastic summer tradition. 
The festival was begun in 1938, and over 20000 lanterns were dedicated since then. For this exhibition, 100 bonbori lanterns were selected and displayed. 
Please enjoy pictures and calligraphies inscribed on the lanterns by artists and celebrities.
Photos are permitted.
According to a new life style, we limit the number of visitors, sterilize and clean each place, and strive to ensure the visitors’ safety. 

Dates: 2021.7.31(Sun) ~ 2021.8.22(Sun)
Closed: Mondays (except Aug 9th, closed next day)
Fees: 600yen for Adults, 300 yen for Children under 15